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Our investment grade grid tie solar systems are gauranteed to meet or exceed all eight of our tough investment grade standards.

All grid tie solar system are not created equal. Before you buy a solar system from any dealer it is crucial that you check these criteria in insure high reliability and an optimum return on investment.

Any dealer can sell you a solar system,. before you spend a dime make sure it's an investment grade system.
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feature & performance packed

  • SolarEdge offers individual solar panel optimization and monitoring
    All of our SolarEdge based systems provide you with solar panel performance optimization with a 99.3% peak efficiency rating that allow you to monitor the performance of each individual solar panel via the Internet with a higher performance rating than any string inverter or micro inverter on the market.
  • Mitsubishi Solar offers advances features
    Mitsubishi Electric solar modules offers a unique efficiency boosting split cell design, four buss bars instead of two for higher reliability and efficiency, a reinforcement bar for a stronger frame, salt water proof construction, a much better linear warranty, a plus rated tolerance and the financial strength to back their 25 year warranty. No other solar manufacturer even comes close.
  • Orion Solar Racking offers the finest U.S. made products on the planet.
    Offering a unique 15 year product warranty, Orion Solar Racking is the nation's leader in innovative solar racking products for grid tie solar applications. With their wide array of innovative products, Orion Solar Racking provides solutions that exceed industry standards in virtually any application.
  • Astronergy Solar Modules
    When it comes to reliability and high performance, it's hard to beat the value that's offered by Astronergy Solar.With its very high PTC to STC ratio, a positive tolerance rating and a warranty that's backed by Munich RE, one of the world's largest re-insurers, Astronergy Solar modules can be counted on to provide decades worth of problem free performance.

Only the premium brands

  • Mitsubishi Electric

    Since 1974 Mitsubishi Electric has provided the highest quality solar technology on the market.
  • SMA America

    SMA America is one of the world's oldest and largest string inverter manufacturer offering very high quality, high performance grid tie solar system inverters.
  • SolarEdge

    Winner of the 2012 Intersolar innovation award in Munich, Germany, SolarEdge is the world's leading inverter manufacturer.
  • Orion Racking

    Orion Racking is the leading manufacturer of innovative roof and ground mounting system and offers an industry leading 15 year warranty.

The absolute highest efficiency on the planet !


SolarEdge offers the highest efficiency 240 volt single phase inverters on the market.

No micro inverter or string inverter even comes close to SolarEdge's feature packed performance.

Shade mitigation individual solar module performance monitoring,ultra high efficiency, and advanced safety features,

It's all here at a much lower price  than a micro inverter system.
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