What To Look For When Buying A Modern Grid Tie Solar System.

A state of the art grid tie solar kit should have the ability to monitor each solar panel's individual performance on your computer or smartphone. It should also have the ability to optimize the performance of each individual solar panel as your system ages.

A grid tie solar solar system should include an inverter that offers a minimum of 97.5% CEC weighted efficiency. It should also offer shade protection for each separate solar panel.

The power optimization electronics should have a power output rating that's equal to or greater that the rating of each individual solar panel. It should include anti arc protection.

It should use solar panels that include cells with at lease three buss bars made from higher efficiency mono crystalline technology.It should include off the self PV cabling.

A modern grid tie solar system should also include solar panels that are warranted againt salt water corrosion failure. It should include solar panels with real 25 year warranties from a manufacturer that will be here 25 years from now to honor that warranty.

Today' grid tie solar systems should also include an inverter with at least a 12 year warranty that can be inexpensively upgaded to 25 years.

It should include roof flashing or tile hooks to protect your roof. And it should include high strenghth roof racking with at least a 15 year warranty.

If the grid tie solar system that the other dealer wants to sell you  doesn't include all these features (and it probably doesn't) for less than $1.80 per watt before incentives, then simply put, you're not buying the latest grid tie solar technology and you're probably paying way too much.

Why Pay A Higher Price For Yesterday's Grid Tie Solar Technology ?

No Micro Inverter Or String Inverter Even Comes Close !


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